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  • Expanding Horizons

    A recent trip to Michigan's upper penisula and lower western shore offered several opportunities to explore the idea of capturing images in a panoramic style. Probably inspired by the area's geography - the broad expanses of sky, water and sand along the area's shorelines - I found myself seeing things more linearly. What used to require specialized equipment or a little ingenuity - I remember as a youth trying to assemble multiple printed images together with tape - smart phone technology and image processing software advancements have made the once-unique approach commonplace. Now, the effect can be replicated in a several seconds. Anyways, as a photographer I'm finding that it's a great way to expand your creative horizons and offer viewers an enhanced view of your experience.

    These images also bring to mind one of my favorite pieces in my personal collection of photographic art. It's a large (48"x7") panoramic photograph featuring several hundred members of the Photographer's Association of America gathering for their annual convention in Milwaukee in 1910. Ironically, the dusty, warped and unframed photograph was salvaged from back corner of a Dallas antique store a number of years ago. I was intruiged by the local connection and drawn to the array faces of photographers as they turned the camera back on themselves. They're all gone now, but I'm comforted in the thought that many of these artist's images, and their unique visions of the world around them, still remain.