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  • Everything He Owns Is In This Photo

    Thoroughly enjoyed crossing paths with this true adventurer today. As part of his second bicyling tour across the world, London's Joff Summerfield made his way through Madison this morning on an 1880's-style Penny Farthing bicycle. Begun a month ago in Toronto, the anticipated 2-3 year journey will carry him through the western United States, then south through Central America and eventually to Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost part of South America. From there, he'll make plans to continue the trek back to his home country. His first journey in 2006-2008 covered 23,000 miles and 23 countries. He averages about 10 miles per hour and 40 miles a day on the single gear bicycle, which he made himself. Like the first trip, he sold most of his possessions to finance the journey. He free-camps most of the way, but also occasionally accepts accomodations from people he meets enroute. A self-proclaimed "nomad of the road," Summerfield said he hopes his travels might inspire others to do or see something they might not know they were capable of. Updates from his journey are posted on his website: