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  • Shadows at Night

    Fairly rare occurrences these are, the convergence a freshly-fallen snow cover, a clear night sky and the presence of a true full moon.

    While winters here are long, it's only occasionally that we're treated to this enchanting evening spectacle.

    Away from the glare of our urban beacons, the Earth's bright celestial neighbor lends an eerie incandescence to normally-cloaked nighttime haunts.

    It's a miracle of reflections - the sun's fiery flares echoing off the barren, pocked surface of the moon, and then back through space toward a frozen ivory canvas which scatters the rays one final time.

    These bright nights are revelatory, allowing us a chance to see with new eyes.

    Beneath tree branches and fence posts, shadows appear under the radiance of the high stone mirror. Short and true, they hold close to their sources, different from the elongated renderings cast by the season's shallower daytime luminary.

    Through it all, the occasional staccato-like hoot of a great horned owl can be heard interrupting the otherworldly scene. Rave on night bird, rave on.